Sui Gas Bill Online 2019

SNGPL Bill Online

SNGPL (also known as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) Bill 2019 is available on our website. We have uploaded the latest batch of Sui Gas Bills. Just enter your data in the below field, and our website will show you your due Sui Gas Bill for this month.

SNGPL Duplicate Bill

With the help of our website you can always view, print, download the duplicate SNGPL bill. Getting a Duplicate SUI gas bill is not a very tough job these days you just have to go to the official SNGPL website which is and enter the required data your bill will be instantly displayed to you, the same process could be done via our website and we’ll provide you the gas duplicate bill 2019 as well our website was also awarded the best SNGPL bill online award.

What is SNGPL?

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited was initially started as Private company in 1963 but was later regulated under the 1913 British India Act on January 1964.

When Government took over SNGPL they got it listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) and thousands of Pakistanis own different amount of shares in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.

Before SNGPL there was Multan Sui System which was responsible for delivering Sui Gas to whole Pakistan, but due to infrastructure costs and federal government issues, the gas supply was adequately provided to the entire Pakistan thus resulting in the birth of SNGPL.

SNGPL has a very wast network across different regions of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan & Kashmir. Sui Northern Gas is responsible for providing gas supply to over 6 Million Pakistanis every month.

Sui Northern Gas has now entered in the 52nd year of service for Pakistanis there’s been no competitors of Sui Northern Gas that’s why it is one of the most profitable companies of Pakistan.

SNGPL bill calculator

Due to new mini-budget (by PTI Government) in January many consumers have faced a large number of bills and units consumption that is because in the new tariff government has increased the rate of Sui Gas, we have this SNGPL bill calculator which would help you to get an estimated bill amount if you enter your monthly consumption into it. Our Bill Calculator is not the best, but we are trying to make it as good as possible.

The base fare rates of Sui Gas in the bill Calculator were last updated in March 2019.

Where to find Account ID on SNGPL Bill

Account ID is also known as a consumer no. You can get the consumer no from your Sui Gas bill by following the below screenshot. Do you see the red highlighted filed well this field contains your Account ID? We have blurred it to protect the misuse of our bill.

Once you find the account id/ consumer id enter it in till Online SNGPL Bill check field at the very top of this page and your bill will be presented to you.

How to get Duplicate SNGPL Bill

Well, you should know how to get duplicate bill of SNGPL by now if you have carefully read the text mentioned above but do not worry we will summarize it again for you.

  1. Go to the top of this page
  2. Find your Account id from your bill
  3. Enter the account ID in consumer ID filed
  4. Press Bill Check Button
  5. Our website will provide the bill to you.

Areas under SNGPL!

SNGPL is a national company which provides Sui Gas all over Pakistan so technically the whole Pakistan comes under them. But if you don’t know about Pakistan let us make that easy for you.
Pakistan has four provinces (SNGPL provides Sui Gas to all of the cities in these provinces)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
-Dera Ismail Khan


-Mirpur Khas

Contact Details of SNGPL

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines has a head office in Lahore, Punjab the head office address is as follows:
21 Kashmir Road, Gas House, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

They also have regional offices in all the mainstream cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Multan, Abbottabad, Karachi, Larkana, Sukkur, etc.

The official phone number to lodge your complaints to SNGPL is 042-99082000. If you have any issues regarding Gas Pressure, Line Leakage, etc. you should immediately inform the SNGPL officials because your late information could result in someone’s death.

You can also send your complaints to SNGPL via email at [email protected]

For complaints other than billing such as line leakage, Gas theft, etc. you can email them at [email protected]

This information is verified and cross-checked with the official website of SNGPL and in the meantime if any of this information is changed, please contact us via comment form or contact us on our website so that we could immediately correct any misinformation on our site.

SNGPL Working Hours!

Like all the other similar institutions the official working hours of SNGPL are 9 Am to 5 PM though complaint office is generally open for 24 Hours 7 Days because people work in shifts in the complaint office, the head office closes on strict 5 PM.

This schedule is from Monday to Thursday. Special breaks are given to workers on Fridays such as Jummah that’s why we can’t confirm their working hours on Fridays.
Saturday is not a holiday. So instead of Friday, we recommend you to get your issues sorted on Saturday.

Pay Sui Gas Bill Online

A few years back you would have to pay Sui Gas bill in their nearest branch or the post office. But now SNGPL has updated their billing systems which means you can spend pay your sui gas online through many ways such as mobile banking almost all banks (Allied Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank Alfallah, UBL Bank) allow their customers to pay their SNGPL bill online. You can also pay via JazzCash, EasyPaisa at no additional costs.