PTCL Speed Test

PTCL Speed test

Speed ​​tests may vary from one server to another, so we recommend using PTCL Speed Test. There are external factors (not controlled by Wave Cable) that may reflect a lower speed.

The result of the final test may be lower than your speed due to the overhead of the TCP / IP protocol, which allows communication between your computer and the server.

ptcl speed test

The range of variation is between 5% and 15%, which is normal.

Speed ​​is the speed with which we bring or send content. Measure the Speed of the VTR Internet with the Speed.

Pakistan leading PTCL Company in the diagnosis of broadband speed tests used by most Internet providers in the world.

Before performing the PTCL Speed Test, you must verify the correct configuration of your Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

How to measure PTCL Speed

If you want to know your connection speed, we recommend that you do two tests. First, make one as you usually navigate without taking into account the conditions of your connection, just as you are right now.

Is the result good, and do you receive approximately the contracted or expected Internet speed?

If all is well, you don’t have to worry about anything else. If the result is not as expected, it is better that you continue reading.

To measure the speed of your Internet correctly and know what your operator is giving you, we recommend you follow the following tips before performing the PTCL Speed Test.

Connect your computer to the router with cable

The result of the speed test with Wi-Fi will be a slower connection than contracted. It may be due, for example, to having a weak Wi-Fi PTCL signal or interference in the connection.

To avoid these problems, you must connect your computer directly to the router using an Ethernet / LAN network cable.

Connect your computer via computer

If you cannot connect your computer via cable, bring it closer to the router as much as possible. In this way, the signal will not lost so much.

Tune up your equipment

If you are testing a high-speed fiber-optic connection (100 Mb, 300 Mb or 1 GB), you must ensure that your computer network is up to the task.

At the outset, you need the Ethernet adapter of your computer to be compatible with Gigabit Ethernet (otherwise, you will not exceed 100 Mb speed). Then, remember to connect the network cable to the router.

A single use of the Internet

You must verify that no one else is using the Internet while doing the speed test. If not, the measurement will not count the speed megabytes that a person is consuming.

If your connection is not well protected and you notice that your Internet is slow, it may be that someone has sneaked in and is using your megabytes without permission.

In that case, we recommend changing your Wi-Fi password.

Close all the programs on your computer

Close all your browser tabs (except the test one, of course), because they may be consuming some megabytes without realizing it.

Also, close other programs that can consume the Internet in the background (such as Spotify, antivirus, program updates, etc.).

Results of the PTCL Speed Test

ADSL speed test

If you have an ADSL connection, it is completely normal to receive a speed somewhat lower than the contracted one.

If, for example, your ADSL has a speed of up to 20 Mb, the test result could be 15 Mb, 10 Mb, or even less.

In this case, the actual speed varies on the distance between home and the central distribution of the signal.

In ADSL, the important thing is, above all, that the speed is sufficient for the consumption that you are going to make, since receiving the contracted is almost impossible.

PTCL Fiber speed test

If instead, your connection is fiber optic, the test speed should be similar to that contracted. it is the main advantage of these connections since the advertised speeds are “real.”

Speed ​​test via Wi-Fi

If you perform the speed test via Wi-Fi instead of connecting the PC via the network cable, keep in mind that the speed you measure. Lower than what your operator is offering you with your ADSL, fiber, or other technology connection (Mobile network, satellite, or 4G).

Anyway, a test via Wi-Fi is also useful to know at what speed you usually navigate with your device and check how hard the Wi-Fi network reaches the different rooms of the house.

What is the recommended PTCL Speed?

If you measure a fiber optic connection, theoretically, the result should be very similar to the contracted speed.

If this does not happen and you want to check if there is a problem, follow the steps in the previous section on how to do the test well.

For connections of PTCL satellite or other technologies that do not claim to receive a real speed, keep in mind that the average download speed in Pakistan is about 8 Mb down.

That is, if the test result is similar to this figure or higher, you can breathe relatively calm. You are not too bad.

  • Around 10 Mb: it can be considered sufficient for most Internet users within a small home (one to three members).
  • Between 8 Mb and 3 Mb: it is a low speed, but still acceptable for minimal Internet use.
  • Less than 3 Mb: it is a very low result with which you will sometimes find it difficult to surf the Internet.

Tips to improve your PTCL Internet speed

Some procedures that carry out through the Internet, such as video calls, require a good connection to avoid continuous interruptions.

Although sometimes the lack of signal is the fault of the telephone companies, in others it depends on us. Here are some tips to improve your browsing speed:

  • Reduce the number of devices connected to the same network
  • Connect to the computer to the network through an Ethernet cable
  • Browse early in the day
  • Close applications or pages running in the background
  • Keep your browsers updated (Chrome is the fastest)
  • Make sure your devices don’t have viruses
  • Check the status of your devices
  • Remove obstacles that cause interference
  • Uninstall programs you don’t use
  • Check that your neighbors are not connecting to your WIFI

If you are facing extreme low speeds it might be possible that your billing period is near to its end or your usage quota has exceeded please use our ptcl bill page to check for this information.