PTCL Bill Online 2019

PTCL Duplicate Bill

If you are looking for PTCL Duplicate bill, then look no further because on this page I will provide you with the latest ptcl bill 2019. Sometimes people misplace their bills, or the bills get lost so they get confused about what to do now, but there is nothing to get confused you have to input your account id in the field below, and we will provide you with the ptcl bill.

PTCL is based on a monthly subscription model which means you would have to pay for the services every month in case you fail to pay your ptcl bill they suspend your services and then you would have to pay the bill with some additional fine to get your services restarted that’s why we recommend paying your bill ptcl strictly on time or if you are a careless person like me you could subscribe to ptcl 3 month packages in which they take the bill money for 3 months upfront so that you won’t have to worry about paying your bill every single month.

ptcl duplicate bill

Obtaining PTCL Duplicate bill from a shop keeper is very time-consuming as well as expensive for a mere print of duplicate ptcl bill the shopkeepers charge you around 100 to 200 rupee which is basically meaningless we are here to save that money for you by providing the exact duplicate of ptcl landline bill as well as ptcl evo bill.

PTCL has recently hired a lot of new staff to get their services operations going which means PTCL is trying their level best to provide the best services to its consumers. PTCL Dbill is the portal which you would be working with to find your ptcl landline bill or ptcl evo bill.

On our website, you can quickly check, view, download, dbill ptcl bill, ptcl landline bill, and the mighty ptcl Evo bill 2019.

PTCL Landline Bill

If you are looking for ptcl landline bill, fill in the required details such as PTCL Phone number, PTCL Account ID, and we will almost instantly display your bill over our website.

The primary reasons people come to our website is to obtain a copy of ptcl bill, we have implemented the latest available technologies on our site which will allow you to not only get the duplicate of your landline ptcl bill as well as your complete background history with PTCL.

Sometimes the housewives to hide the bill so that their husband could not know the call that they have made to their families or alleged extramarital affairs person but with the help of our website you can look up the complete history of call list along with the duplicate bill so that you could know what call was made at which time to which number this information is handy in case you are spying on somebody.

We have updated this page because of the recent criticism we have faced from our readers that why we have listed women in the above statement well we should inform you now that men sometimes also this and women could use the same method which we have listed above to spy on their husbands via ptcl duplicate landline bill.


PTCL Evo has turned out to be one of the most excellent ventures of PTCL because EVO monthly accounts for almost 40% of PTCL income which means a lot of subscribers across Pakistan are using the PTCL EVO Services which means even more people looking for PTCL EVO Bill.

So if you are one of those people who is looking for duplicate Evo bill ptcl then fill in the required details such as MDN, ESN number in the box below and our servers will instantly provide you with the Evo duplicate bill.

Our provided bill will also tell you about your billing invoice in details like it will show you on which day how many amounts of MBs were consumed this helps the consumer in making a more informed choice about their EVO internet usage check and their most busy internet consuming days.

The official website is all of the content on this website are eventually derived from the official website which means the bill we display would be the same as the official PTCL bill and if you have any complaints regarding the bill you would have to contact the official PTCL representatives because we are not responsible for providing any official help on behalf of PTCL Thank You.

PTCL Bill Calculator

Not sure why your usage exceeds your desired plan every month? Or why your services get discontinued due to abuse of limits every month?

Don’t worry because we have come up with this ptcl bill calculator which would help you decide your monthly spend on PTCL and would also suggest you about which package you should take from PTCL our bill calculator has now helped more than 10,000 Pakistanis make a very sensible choice in selecting the best ptcl package.

How to Pay Ptcl Bill?

To pay your PTCL Bill, you have two options either to visit a 1 stop shop, but you can also pay your ptcl bill online via net banking or e-banking.

Contact details of PTCL

In case your PTCL internet, DSL or telephonic service gets disconnected, or you have any query regarding PTCl you can always contact PTCl as their official helpline numbers.

To inquire about new service dial 1218
For billing information dial 1200
The corporate helpline of PTCL is 042111202020

PTCL Working Hours

The working hours of PTCL are the same as other corporate companies which are 9 to 5. Though you can contact the support center even after that time all the major work and PTCL office is available for general public complaints and inquiries from 9 to 5 PM.

PTCL Live Chat

PTCL has been working very hard to improve their customer support that’s why they have implemented live chat service this service is not being offered by any telecommunications company in Pakistan they are unique in this regard, and we must tell you it’s playing very fair for them so if you have any quires which need to be answered by PTCL use the live chat window below to contact PTCL.

The working hours for live chat are from 9 AM to 9 PM.