If you made it to this page, that means you are so desperately looking for Lesco bill. You can say all your worries a goodbye because on this page we will provide you with your Lesco bill instantly so that you won’t have to worry about getting lesco bill from a local retailer, our website have this unique ability which allows you to lesco bill check online.

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LESCO Bill OnlineLESCO Bill Online

LESCO Bill Online 2020 are now available on our website. Input your reference number in the box above and your LESCO Online Bill will be displayed.

People on the internet search for Lesco online bill because of many reasons some of the most common mistakes involve like the delivery man didn’t deliver the Lesco bill duplicate or some people are just lazy like me, and they forget where they placed their Lesco bill.

This happens with a lot of people, another reason people look for lesco duplicate bill is that they are someplace other than Lahore enjoying their vacation and all of a sudden they remember then they¬†lesco bill online check lahore 2020 after that they’re like oh boy we have to pay Lesco for electricity services.

We have implemented the latest technologies on our website which allows the user to view, download, print duplicate bill Lesco.

What is Lesco?

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. LESCO is responsible for providing electricity to the whole Lahore. LESCO was awarded this responsibility back in 1954 under the Wapda act which distributed the electricity fulfillment to federal governments thus resulting in the birth of Lesco.

Lesco bill calculator

If your LESCO electricity bill is continuously more than your budget, you might want to use our Lesco bill calculator 2020 which shows the exact amount of bill you will get after you have reached a specific electricity units threshold. Don’t worry the basic electricity unit was updated three days ago that’s we are very confident that we provide you with the best and latest working bill calculator of LESCO.

Where to find Reference Number on Lesco Bill

To check your Bill of LESCO, you would have to provide us with Reference Number which is printed on every bill consider reference number as your mobile phone number it tells the electricity company on whose name this amount is getting loaded.

If you still didn’t understand this concept don’t worry just follow the steps we tell you to get your reference number for LESCO bill.

First, you would have to search for your bill and see the attached image below the red box contains your reference number enter that number on that bill check field above and it’ll show the latest bill to you.

How to get LESCO Duplicate Bill

If you have carefully read the above article, you should already have an answer to this question but since paying attention is very uncommon these days we will explain the concept A to Z again for you.

You have to search for your Reference number from the bill just as described in the above section after getting the reference number, please enter that reference number in the field of bill check on the top of the page, and your bill will be presented to you after that press CTRL + P from your keyboard, and it will directly present the print options chose printer from the dropdown and press the Print button your Wapda Duplicate would be on its way to the printer.

Areas under Lesco!

Following are the areas which come under the jurisdiction of LESCO if your area is listed below then LESCO is responsible for delivering electricity to your area, and if there’s any issue, please complain by directly calling them.

Contact Details of Lesco

LESCO has headquarters in Lahore, and if you want to give them a visit, please visit this address:22/A Queens Road, Lahore Punjab.

Here are the directions to their office on Google Maps if you want to visit them by following directions, please use the address Map below.

LESCO Complaint Phone Number is Phone: +923200522231

If there’s an issue with your electricity give an above number a buzz and they will send a specified team at your doorstep to fix the electrical problems free you can also visit the official website www.lesco.gov.pk.

Lesco Working Hours!

Just like any corporate office, LESCO workers also work for only 8 Hours a Day which results in only 48 Hours a week because there’s no holiday on Saturday to workers and their office timing is 9 AM to 5 PM.

They are government workers, so they hurry to leave the office precisely at 5 PM if you have to register any complaint or issue, please call them way before 5 PM so that they couldn’t refuse your request.

Pay LESCO Bill Online

If you don’t want to go out and pay Lesco bill, then don’t worry we have got your covered you can quickly pay your wapda bill online via internet banking, JazzCash as well as EasyPaisa.

Though its recommended to pay via EasyPaisa because they are offering substantial cash backs these days so wouldn’t only be paying the bill you would also be saving money nonetheless all options listed above work just fine so use whichever is convenient for you.