IESCO Bill is available on our website. Please enter your account ID in the bill check field below to get your duplicate IESCO bill online.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company has offered this huge feature to its consumers who will make their lives much more comfortable. Due to the vast coverage range of IESCO sometimes bills get misplaced or lost, and the customer gets all the trouble for not paying the bill on time well how he could? If he didn’t get the IESCO bill in the first place.

Keeping this and a lot of other factors in account The Islamabad Electric Supply Company has started to provide an online duplicate copy of IESCO bill. According to our survey all of the IESCO consumers are very happy with this decision because it allows them to view, download, print IESCO bill at ease.

So, how do you like checking your IESCO bill online?

We update our portal every month to ensure we get you the latest duplicate of IESCO bill. We initially pull bill data from the official website (to ensure data accuracy), so if you have any queries or issues regarding your bill, please contact the concerned authorities via contact information given below in this page.

IESCO Online BillIESCO Online Bill

IESCO Online Bill 2020 could be accessed through our website now. Input your IESCO Reference number in the box above and we will display your IESCO Online Bill directly on our website. bill check is made possible through our website because now you just have to put your reference number in the box and iesco bill online check process will allows us to display your bill.


What is IESCO?

Islamabad Electric Supply Company is also known as IESCO. IESCO is the electric supply company responsible for satisfying the electricity needs of Islamabad citizens.

It was established in 1988 under the Wapda act when the government decided to give the responsibility of electrical needs of the city to the federal government that’s when Islamabad Electric Supply Company was born with only one responsibility of providing, managing electrical needs of Islamabad City.

The official website for IESCO is, but you can also check the IESCO duplicate bill through our website. We have made checking the bijli bill online even more comfortable than the official website you have to enter the reference number and bingo we will provide you with your will that’s why we are best duplicate bill checking the site in Pakistan.

IESCO bill calculator

Sometimes the citizens get confused about the bill usage or the amount of bill they get, to overcome this confusion we have come up with IESCO bill calculator. This calculator allows you to get an estimate of how much IESCO bill you will get depending on your monthly usage.

The algorithms of this bill calculator are very complicated because the amount of bill depends on the usage of electricity like when your usage climbs up to 100 units the unit cost gets changed, and the difference between the home bill and commercial unit bill is also complicated to manage.

So after a lot of trails and errors, we have come up with this perfect bill calculator of IESCO remember if you enter more than 500 units our calculator will automatically assume that it’s a commercial bill because that much of consumption is not made by a regular home meter.

The unit rates were last updated on March 2020, so our calculator is pretty accurate as per now.

Where to find Reference Number on IESCO Bill

Seeing the reference number on your IESCO Bill is not a very difficult task and if you are a frequent payer or close observer of the bill you might already know about the reference number but in case you don’t know where to find reference number don’t worry we have got you covered.

As you can see in the image above the blurred red section is the area in which your reference number is written so now you have to put this reference number in the bill checking field on the top of the page and your online bill of Islamabad Electric Supply Company will be displayed to you.

How to get IESCO Duplicate Bill

I can’t believe you would still ask this question about how to get a duplicate bill of IESCO I have written hundreds of words in the article above. Well, nevermind I would summarize this again for you, but please try to pay attention to things from now on its a request.

To get iesco duplicate bill copy you would have to have the reference number, goodwill to check the bill and you are good to go.

Get the reference number from your bill, and if you have made to this section, I assume you don’t know that either if that’s the case scroll above a bit and you’ll know where is your reference number.

Enter your reference number on the online iesco bill checking field on the top of this page and click on show me my bill and our website will display the latest duplicate bill of IESCO.

After that just Press CTRL + P from your keyword and your duplicate bill will get printed.

Areas under IESCO!

IESCO covers the whole region of Islamabad as well as a few neighboring cities such as Kashmir, Attock, Jhelum.

If you are a citizen of the above areas and facing issues in your electricity line or anything related to electricity, please contact Islamabad Electric Supply Company as they are the ones assigned to fix those issues.

Contact Details of IESCO

The headquarters and billing complaint resolution desk is atIESCO Head Office St,40 Sector G-7/4 IslamabadGive them a visit if you are facing any issues or want to submit a complaint.You can also directly submit a complaint to the IESCO CEO by emailing him at [email protected]

The helpline number of IESCO is 051-9252937

You can also reach them via Facebook at

IESCO Working Hours!

IESCO working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. The team also observes 2 hours break on Friday for Jummah Prayers Saturday is a working day, but Sunday is a holiday for IESCO workers.

Please keep this in mind before going to their office.

Pay IESCO Bill Online

Like all other electricity providers, you can also pay IESCO bill online via Internet Banking (bank Alfalah, UBL Bank, Allied Bank). You can also pay via JazzCash, MobiCash, UBL OMNI.